Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Xbox Eggs

For Easter the hubs and I made a pact to give each other baskets that contained only a little candy. This was a challenge for both of us since candy is the easiest thing to buy around Easter.

I saw these Craft Eggs at the store and decided to paint a couple in different Xbox themed game logos. The hubs is an avid gamer, so I knew he would love it!

I am not a super skilled painter, but these turned out pretty good!

I am pretty proud of them.

Hubs loved them, which was the point. I also had a lot of fun splattering paint. I wanted them to still look like real eggs as much as possible, so I added a lot of color variation and speckling.

The logos are:
Assassins Creed
Halo (2)

The Fallout one is my favorite <3

I hope you had a great Easter!

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